Find your Property - Property in Spain

How we find your Property in Spain

Have you ever dreamed of a house in Spain, a villa in the south of Spain, a villa near the beach, a luxurious villa or an economic villa, a house in Spain near a golf course, a house in Spain with land, an apartment in Spain, etc.

First, we hold a meeting with you, in which we collect all the necessary data to search for properties in Spain that meet the desired requirements. We carry out an exhaustive search, visit the properties as a buyer and make a pre-selection for you. Once the pre-selection is made, we show that to you.

After these initial steps, we visit together with you the selected property in Spain, and at the time of deciding, we take care of the negotiation and closing, always watching over the interests of the buyer. A relationship of total confidence is established, in which the client is calm, knowing that a professional is taking care of their interests at all times.

How we find your Property‚Äč in Spain


In this first personal interview we establish a first direct communication with our client to get to know each other and at the same time soak up their needs and concerns about the type of property they are looking for. This first phase is very important so that the whole process is carried out correctly.


Signature of the Services Contract where the characteristics of the search and the contracted services are clearly stated.

After establishing the initial connection between Buyer and ourselves (Personal Real Estate Shopper), we already have a defined profile of our client and their demand. It is time to sign a Service Contract where the characteristics of the search and the contracted services are clearly stated.

Once the contractual commitment is established, a research and search process get underway which involves a lot of time, travel and visits to real estate with corresponding expenses. To proceed with the above a fee is charged for works to begin.


The search is conducted in a comprehensive manner, sifting all options with absolute freedom, without relying on a portfolio of limited property and opening our range to 100% of the market (large real estate websites, agencies located in the search area, on-site visualizations, personal contacts, etc.).


Once we have a selection of possible properties that fit initially with the demand of our client, we begin to make visits to said properties to verify the veracity of the offer and thus discard those that are not worthwhile or do not meet predetermined expectations. In this way we avoid unnecessary visits and save you a lot of time.


When we already have a pre-selection of properties that meet the pre-established requirements, we send a detailed report to our client and we arrange a small but accurate schedule of visits, accompanying you to make direct contact with the selected properties.

Thus, we achieve great effectiveness. If we find any property that really responds to our client's demand, we will see it with him as many times as necessary to clarify doubts.


Once the client shows concrete interest in a specific property, we proceed to analyse the legal and technical situation of the property.

Then, and always in coordination with our client, we proceed to establish a price negotiation process with the selling party. When we reach a satisfactory agreement, we will examine the legal documentation for the signing of the Signal and Arras Contract and the Escritura.